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DebateLab brings together scholars who

# study normative models of reasoning and argumentation;

# carry out logical analyses of policy debates and scientific controversies;

# develop methods and tools to improve the argumentative quality of public reasoning.

DebateLab @ KIT

Moral Philosophy and Politics

Moral Philosophy and Politics (MOPP) ist eine internationale Zeitschrift, die philosophische Beitrage zu Themen von öffentlicher Relevanz publiziert. Editor-in-chief: Michael Schefczyk. Managing editor: Christoph Schmidt-Petri.

MOPP Homepage

Reclaim the Name – A Philosophical Analysis of the Reclamation of Fighting Words

Reclaim the Name – A Philosophical Analysis of the Reclamation of Fighting Words

Inga Bones

The research project merges two topics that are currently hotly debated in philosophy: hate speech, in particular so-called ‘fighting words’ – racial slurs, epithets relating to sexual identity, etc. – and conceptual engineering, that is, the “critical/constructive enterprise of assessing and improving our representational devices” (Cappelen 2018, p. ix).

The aim of the project is to answer the question whether the reclamation of so-called ‘fighting words’ – words as, for instance, ‘slut,’ ‘queer,’ or the n-word – by their intended targets is plausibly viewed as a variety of conceptual engineering. In order to do so, a detailed analysis of how exactly reclamation works is called for.

Ansprechpartnerin: Inga Bones, inga.bones@kit.edu