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Peter Königs

Raum: CS
peter koenigsQyp3∂kit edu


I'm a postdoctoral researcher at KIT's Institute of Philosophy. I'm working mostly in moral and political philosophy. My current project is on the ethics of state mass surveillance. Other research interests of mine include the relationship between empirical moral psychology and moral philosophy, toleration and punishment.

I will serve as guest editor for a special issue of 'Moral Philosophy and Politics' on the Ethics of State Mass Surveillance. Check out the Call-for-Papers here (deadline: June 30th, 2019).



Please visit my personal website at http://peterkonigs.strikingly.com/ for pdfs of my articles.

forthcoming, "Experimental Ethics and Morally Irrelevant Factors", Philosophical Studies.

forthcoming (invited submission), "Paradoxes of Toleration", in M. Sardoč (ed.): Palgrave Handbook of Toleration.

2019, “The Simplicity of Toleration”, Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy, available as online first.

2018, "On the normative insignificance of neuroscience and dual-process theory", Neuroethics (11), pp. 195-209.

2018, “Two Types of Debunking Arguments”, Philosophical Psychology (31), pp. 383-402.

2018, “Evolutionary Skepticism about Morality and Prudential Normativity”, Philosophia (46), pp. 911-928.

2016, “Die Idee der Toleranz”, Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung (70), pp. 424-448.

2015, „Pierre Bayles Verteidigung des irrenden Gewissens und das Paradox der Toleranz“, Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie (101), pp. 1-16.

2013, „Was Toleranz ist, was sie nicht ist, und wie man sie nicht rechtfertigen kann“, Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung (67), pp. 473-490.

2013, „The expressivist account of punishment, retribution, and the emotions”, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice (16), pp. 1029-1047.

2012, “Patriotism. A Case Study in the Philosophy of Emotions”, in Grazer Philosophische Studien (85), pp. 299-309.


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