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Peter Königs

Peter Königs

Raum: CS
peter koenigsEfw2∂kit edu


I'm a postdoctoral researcher here at the Institute of Philosophy at the KIT. I working primarily in moral and political philosophy. One of my research interests has been the relationship between empirical moral psychology and moral philosophy (especially so-called debunking arguments). Another focus of my research has been toleration.

I'm now working on a new project on the ethics of state mass surveillance.

A workshop on this topic is taking place in April 2019. Check out the Call-for-Papers here (deadline: January 31st 2009).

I will also serve as guest editor for a special issue of 'Moral Philosophy and Politics' on the Ethics of State Mass Surveillance. Check out the Call-for-Papers here (deadline: June 30th, 2009)



Please visit my personal website at http://peterkonigs.strikingly.com/ for pdfs of my articles.

forthcoming (invited submission), "Paradoxes of Toleration", in M. Sardoč (ed.): Palgrave Handbook of Toleration.

forthcoming, “The Simplicity of Tolerance”, Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy.

2018, "On the normative insignificance of neuroscience and dual-process theory", Neuroethics (11), pp. 195-209.

2018, “Two Types of Debunking Arguments”, Philosophical Psychology (31), pp. 383-402.

2018, “Evolutionary Skepticism about Morality and Prudential Normativity”, Philosophia (46), pp. 911-928.

2016, “Die Idee der Toleranz”, Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung (70), pp. 424-448.

2015, „Pierre Bayles Verteidigung des irrenden Gewissens und das Paradox der Toleranz“, Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie (101), pp. 1-16.

2013, „Was Toleranz ist, was sie nicht ist, und wie man sie nicht rechtfertigen kann“, Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung (67), pp. 473-490.

2013, „The expressivist account of punishment, retribution, and the emotions”, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice (16), pp. 1029-1047.


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