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Dr. Alexandra Zinke

Raum: CS
Tel.: +49 721 608-48832
alexandra zinkeZlk9∂kit edu


I am a postdoctoral researcher at the DebateLab. Previously, I was an assistant professor at the University of Konstanz. My research focusses on logic and rationality, but I am interested in nearly all topics in philosophy. In my PhD thesis I discussed the semantic and metaphysical presuppositions of logic. My current project Dimensions of Doubt analyses the notion of suspension of belief.

Publications (selected)

Presentations (selected)

  • Two Ways to Satisfy (and No Way to Satisfy Utilitarianism). ISUS, Karlsruhe. 2018
  • Unentschieden! Universität Tübingen. 2018
  • Rangtheorie. Eine neue Logik für die Psychologie? Vom Nutzen der Theorie in der Schizophreniebehandlung. ZfP Reichenau. 2018
  • Reinterpreting Logic. Semantic Conception of Logic, Munich. 2018
  • The Varieties of Suspending Belief. Research Colloquium, Freiburg. 2018
  • Degrees of Belief, Degrees of Truth, and the Tendency to Act. Deutscher Kongress für Philospohie, Berlin. 2017
  • Degrees of Belief, Degrees of Truth, and the Tendency to Act. ECAP, Munich. 2017
  • Dimensions of Doubt: On Suspending Judgment. Departmental Colloquium, Konstanz. 2017
  • Beyond Formality. Making it (too?) Precise, Geneva. 2017
  • A Hierarchy of Logical Constants. Logica. Hejnice, Czech Republic. 2016
  • A Hierarchy of Logical Constants. Logic and Meta-Logic. Language and Meta-Language. Louvain-La-Neuf, Belgium. 2016
  • On the Iterative Structure of Common Knowledge. Symposium with R. Stalnaker, Konstanz, Germany. 2015
  • Against Grue Mysteries. MCMP, Munich, Germany. 2015
  • The Metaphysics of Logic. Early Lunch Philosophy, Konstanz. 2014
  • Interpretational Logical Truth: the Problem of Admissible Interpretations. MCMP, Munich. 2013
  • Formality, Modality, and Logical Consequence. Monthly Monday Meeting, Konstanz. 2012
  • Eine Interpretation von Glaubensgraden. Meeting of the German Society of Philosophy, Munich. 2011
  • Logical Constants and Permutation Invariance. ECAP, Milano, Italy. 2011
  • Die semantische Definition der logischen Folgerung und das Problem der logischen Konstanten. Meeting of the Austrian Society of Philosophy. Vienna, Austria. 2011
  • The Theory of Form Logic. (with W. Freitag) Logic, Reasoning, and Rationality. Ghent, Belgium. 2010
  • Eine Verteidigung von Tarskis Definition der logischen Folgerung. SOPhiA. Salzburg, Austria. 2010
  • Comments on S. Sturgeon’s 'Confidence and Coarse-Grained Attitudes.' FEW, Madison, WI. 2008


  • Belief in Traditional and Formal Epistemology
  • Leibniz: The Monadology and Other Selected Writings
  • Formal Logic (2x)
  • Truth
  • Russell: Problems of Philosophy
  • Brandom: Making it Explicit
  • Philosophy of Logic
  • Existence
  • Theory of Science (Tutorial)
  • Formal Logic (Tutorial, 2x)